Friday, April 11, 2008

Getting-rid-of-chametz post: Instant-soup problem

Here's one for those of us still desperately seeking, with just about a week to go, to remove the chametz from our kitchens, one way or the other.

As an experiment for the overworked Hubster, CPA/college accounting instructor, who's drowning in tax-return preparation and class prep for four courses, I bought a couple of those instant noodle soups in a cup. I should have noticed that some of these single-serving cups contain over 50% of one's daily requirement of sodium!

Here's a suggestion for the sodium-concerned who still want to demolish this junk before Pesach:

1) Add water and stir in accordance with directions.

2) Do not add contents of flavoring packet—that’s where the sodium is. Really, who needs that much sodium in one dish? Just fish out the noodles with a fork and eat ‘em as instant pasta. (Okay, I’ll never pass for a gourmet. :) )

A thousand thanks to my mother, may she live to 120, for having always served vegetables “straight up,” with neither butter nor salt. Being accustomed to eating my veggies plain comes in particularly handy now that I’ve been officially inducted into the Salamone-Punster Family Kidney-Stone Club—we’re now three out of three. :( On the plus side, I’m still only an associate member—I haven’t had a kidney-stone attack yet.


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